TokenID Created Us and Now GATE Defines Us

When TokenID was initially founded, there was one main goal in mind — to transform the way customers pay for goods using a revolutionary “token” that the world had never before seen.

While our core technology is still the same, it is clear that we as a company have turned into so much more.

At the center of who we are as a company remains our revolutionary tokenization technology. What grows from that center, however, is a culture of global acceptance for stakeholders across the payment space.

We live in a world that revolves around money. Whether it is U.S. dollars, Euros, or Swedish krona, money truly does make the world go round. But what happens when those bills we are carrying turn to plastic cards? Or when those plastic cards get merged into our cell phones?

It is our belief that Cash is No Longer King. And yet, the only way for consumers to truly embrace a cashless society is by having mobile payment mechanisms that seamlessly integrate into their daily lives.

Our renaming was based on feedback, as well as confusion at times surrounding our position within the marketplace. Some folks thought we competed with other tokenization products, when in fact we have always been far more than that — creating globally accepted payment methods. As such, we have decided to rename TokenID to GATE (which stands for Global Acceptance Transaction Engine). GATE truly defines who we are as a company and speaks to the breadth of our offerings. We are not in the “token” business, but in the business of creating globally accepted transactions.

Welcome to GATE. We hope you will let us power you to achieve more than ever before.


GATE (Global Acceptance Transaction Engine) is the only company solving one of the most significant challenges eWallet companies face — universal acceptance of eWallet funds across physical, online and mobile channels — all without the need for merchant integration. By creating a unique password during each transaction, GATE’s patent pending technology provides an added layer of security during the payment process and can be used even in a connectionless environment.